Friday, April 24, 2020

THE THEORY OF ELEMENTS - 6 Hour One-On-One Online Lecture

Since ancient times, different civilizations were questioning reality and what it means to be a human being. The sages from India, China, Tibet, Greece, Babylon and other parts of the world ended up with a conclusion that the best possible way to try to explain reality to the human mind are Elements. Although the Element theories differ in structure in various traditions, they all share the common role of to this day unsurpassed way to describe what everything is. The theory of Elements helps us to understand how natural forces define human life from the moment of birth, through growing, maturing and aging to the moment of death. It also helps us to understand that each of us is born with a specific quality, or better say „natural signature“ - Element constitution, a fact widely unknown or denied throughout the Western civilization, the one which takes us all to be equal, like machines. We are not. Given this natural constitution by birth, our life begins to unfold affected by numerous natural phenomena like seasons, weather, food we eat, other people, plants and animals and to all these influences we react according to our constitution. This constitution, together with our interaction with the world, as time passes, shapes our character, life tendencies, types of activities we choose, the way we react to the environment and other people, and for the therapist the most important aspect - it affects our health. For every body-mind oriented therapist, it is crucial to understand these deepest laws of nature, that is, every human has specific needs and is prone to most likely develop specific diseases. If we want to effectively counter the disease, we need the knowledge of what type of therapies and activities are recommended for each Element constitution, and how to match them. Not all people should eat the same food, what is healthy for someone,  is unhealthy for someone else. Same goes for all other activities, like type of work we should do, length of sleep, type of exercises and so on. Each of us is unique. The knowledge of these natural processes which shape our existence is really a requirement  if you want to evolve your practice to a higher level. This lecture is meant for all bodywork professionals regardless of their background, and is specifically adjusted to match attendant’s experience and current level of knowledge and understanding.

The lecture is divided into 3 two-hour parts in 3 days

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