Sunday, April 19, 2020

Individual Online 8 Hour Lecture on Traditional Medicine of Thailand

This individual (one-on-one) in-depth introduction into the magnificent world of Thai medicine can currently be an ideal way to improve your knowledge and skill during this time of no-contact. As a practitioner, you will gain a greater understanding of your practice and massage in general; by learning the basics of Thai anatomy and physiology you will understand what the body consist of and how it functions; the theory of Elements will help you to understand what causes sickness and how it can be treated; different diagnostic tools for bodywork would help you to acquire a real perspective on your bodywork practice - is massage a solution for the particular health issue or not ? Which is the Elemental constitution of the client ? What is the structure of the treatment that should be applied to the specific constitution with specific health problem ? If you have been trained just to apply numerous massage techniques, this lecture will give you a deeper understanding of when, how and why each massage technique should be applied or not. Regardless of what type of bodywork were you trained in, this knowledge will give you a lifetime insight into how natural processes shape health and disease. The lecture is specifically adjusted to match attendant’s background, experience and current level of knowledge and understanding. 

The lecture is divided into 4 two-hour parts in 4 days

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