Saturday, February 22, 2014

Traditional Thai Medicine Massage, 13-17th of May 2014, Umbria, Italy

Set in the wooded hills of Umbria, and close to the historic town of Rieti, this charming Agriturismo will be the venue for this year’s intensive training course. 

Each day will commence with the Traditional Wai Khru and Reusi Dat Ton, and will end in the same manner. Wai Khru involves giving respect and thanks to Buddha, Shivaka, Reusis, parents and teachers. Morning RDT will be Self massage and energizing exercises, evening RDT will be stretching and meditation and breathing.

Teaching is more than sharing information; nearly all the information presented in this course has been obtained as part of Traditional way of teaching, involving long apprenticeships, learning Thai language, understanding ancient texts, studying for years. The Traditional origins of this course place great emphasis on conduct, sincerity and Buddhist principles. Students will be expected to behave in a respectful manner towards the information presented and the Tradition from which it comes. There is no claim to exclusivity; we are simply presenting the Ancient teachings and make no comment on alternative interpretations and sources. Knowledge comes out of experience and experience is created by proper attitude and intention combined with practice.

The workshop price is 600 eur

Accommodation and food are included.

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