Tuesday, October 30, 2018


In this modern era, most of the people when inquiring about my teaching first come up with two common questions: „How much does it cost ?“ and „Do you give a certificate ?“ Rarely one asks the question which is, by my opinion, the crucial one: „What exactly do you teach ?“
Over the 20 years which I have spent in the world of bodywork I went through a typical evolution of a bodywork therapist. I was learning and learning, traveling, going from one training to the other one, from one workshop to the other one, and I was practicing, practicing, practicing ...Then one day I started to teach and share my experience, and during those times I have acquired all these certificates shown on the picture above. All that was only to one day realize that they don't matter at all. That for the real teaching you would never be granted certificate. When it comes to bodywork, to become a true, mature practitioner, it requires a talent to begin with. If you don't have a natural talent for touch, no amount of training and no certificate would make you a good practitioner. Further on, it requires practice, and we are talking here about serious practice. What is a serious practice ? Well, it is at least between 5 to 10 years of continuous practice; thousands of people going through your hands. Remember, every human being is different, and this is why it is the experience which makes you a great practitioner and not the technical knowledge. It is the way it has always been, and will always be, at least when it comes to bodywork. This makes very clear why a weekend, two weeks, or a month of training wouldn't make you a practitioner. You can just acquire a good foundation, assuming you are lucky enough to learn from a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. Afterwards, it's upon you to put what you have learned in practice, otherwise you'll forget it all. Certificate is just a piece of paper and if it holds a title, it is often a false one. Throughout my life I met many „certified“ practitioners of various disciplines, many of them maintaining practice which doesn't fit their certificate title at all.
Certificate didn't exist in ancient times. It is a modern phenomenon, invented in the process of standardization of knowledge; a product of our market oriented society, with purpose to introduce „instant reputation“ within the business environment. It leaves no space for questioning. It exploits our basic ego longing for recognition and feeling of importance. Certificate is gradually becoming a motif by itself, making this certification business to become much more prone to corruption. Today, it most likely doesn't reflect the actual knowledge and experience of its holder.
I never show my certificates to anyone. Got them out of a dusty box specifically to make this picture, and I immediately put them back to rest in darkness  It is this attitude people unconsciously recognize with me so they never ask about my qualifications. However, sometimes it happens, and it is usually someone from far away, who comes with a question: „Are you certified ?“
And I just kind of keep silent, not knowing what to say ... 

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