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Traditional Thai Therapy Training, Stavanger, Norway 2019

Traditional Thai Therapy Training

15 – 19th of February 2019.
15 – 19th of March 2019.
Stavanger, Norway 


The end date for registration is 15th of January 2019.


Basic studies in Traditional Thai Therapy primarily provide a profound insight into what this therapy actually is. Unlike commercial “Thai massage”, which is usually presented as one of a number of bodywork practices, Traditional Thai Therapy is a set of physical therapies which are an integral part of Traditional medicine of Thailand - one of its five roots. One should be aware of this and understands that Traditional Thai Therapy cannot be practiced without knowing the theory of traditional medicine. Thai Therapy is only one aspect of Thai medicine, and generally it is not used separately from other aspects.

At the Basic training, a student gets to know general concepts of traditional medicine of Thailand, and how this perspective enables one to perceive the Universe and the human’s place in it. How does the Universe manifest itself? How does the human manifest himself/herself within the Universe? What is the human’s interaction with his/her environment? What does the human body and mind consist of? How do they function? What is the meaning of good health and illness? How does illness come about? How do we diagnose an illness? Is it possible to cure an illness or not? Which kind of therapy is capable of curing it?

Once these facts are explained, we shall focus on physical therapy and the events when it is applied – what does physical therapy mean? What parts of the body does it affect? What is the body made of and how does it function? How do we make general diagnosis? What are the Elements? What are the layers? What are the Wind gates? What are the Sen Channels and what kinds of Sen Channels are there? How can we affect them? What techniques do we apply in our work? How do we check the efficiency of a treatment?

All the information taught stems directly from the ancient Buddhist, Thai and Lanna medical texts.


The practical part of training is focused on Reusi Dat Ton Exercises, Bodywork pulse diagnosis, and Massage techniques.

Basic set of Reusi Dat Ton exercises, a system Thai massage has evolved from, would give us an understanding of Thai anatomy and physiology within our own bodies, before we try to work on others.

Bodywork pulse diagnosis would give us an insight into people’s condition and understanding of their actual needs, before we try to work on them. To help someone to regain balance we first have to understand what and why is out of balance.

Massage techniques would give us a tool to work on clients, knowing exactly what effect each technique produces in the body and when and why each technique should be applied. A set of techniques that you will learn on this training will enable you to perform a basic treatment of Traditional Thai Massage. You would be taught how to apply massage as a medical therapy, and not as a routine or wellness relaxation product.


Danko Lara Radic is professionally involved in massage practice since 1997. For the last 18 years he is committed to preservation, research and teaching of authentic Traditional Thai Therapy. He lives in Belgrade and holds various types of training and workshops both at home and abroad.


Yoga Center KONGSGATA 44, Stavanger, Norway


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